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Welcome to Green Side Up Coaching!

John Robinson partners with people who are ready to open the door to what's possible in their life. 


Only by opening doors, exploring and venturing outside the box can we truly know what's possible.


John fiercely holds the belief that you can live your life in harmony with your values, and that you can live in the perspective that anything is possible.


John’s coaching is a true expression of leading a fulfilled life.  He came to coaching from the best possible place - from being coached.  Coaching has opened the door to things he never thought possible.

John has partnered with corporate and government executives, Baby Boomers entering or contemplating "semi-retirement", couples who want the most from their relationship, and people who simply want “more” in their personal and professional lives.  He has worked with his clients to improve leadership skills; achieve guilt-free balance between work and home; go back to school to start a new career; clarify relationship issues; and find a job.  Many of his clients go on to, as one of his clients said, "impress themselves".

“John helped me uncover the deeper questions that were dying to be asked but I could not access due to my overlay of busy-ness.  Both his capacity to listen deeply and probe effectively helped me identify and move past self-imposed limitations and step into a much larger self.”


~ Gene, U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute


“I can't recommend John enough.  He pushes me, challenges me, and asks questions that make me think.  His coaching has allowed me, at age 43, to give myself permission to go after a big dream - a huge career change that's not as safe as I'd like it to be. But I'm going for it!”


~ Susie, Radiologic Technologist


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