Why Coaching?
Coaching is a powerful, confidential relationship for people seeking change and fulfillment in their lives.  The total focus is on you, on what you want in your life, and on what will help you achieve it.  It’s unique - no other relationship in your life consistently offers this extraordinary level of support and encouragement.  People come to Green Side Up Coaching for many reasons, but the common thread is change.  A coaching relationship with John can get you unstuck and moving toward goals that you define. This powerful relationship can also help you understand who and where you are in your life, to see different perspectives, to clarify choices.
Open the Door to What's Possible ...

What's the difference between coaching and therapy or mentoring? Click here for a comparison.

"John creates a really safe space for me to share my deepest, darkest feelings. He pushes me when necessary, but also reminds me to go easy on myself when things get crazy. By sharing his own flaws with me, he allowed a very human relationship to develop. As a coach myself, it is obvious that John has mastered the skills that make a great coach.”

~ Deborah, Organizational Development, Gap, Inc.


“John’s coaching has provided me with a new level of clarity in my career. John's targeted and enthusiastic encouragement to "put myself out there" got me to face my fears, tackle self-imposed obstacles and take on assignments I wouldn't have otherwise tried. Through John's coaching, I have grown in ways I couldn't have predicted.”


~ Ron, National Aeronautics and Space Administration




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