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Life changes thrust us into situations for which we are often ill-prepared. While each of us seeks stability in our lives, transition is a constant companion:


§  Marriage

§  New baby

§  New job

§ Moving to a new town

§  Empty nest

§  Separation/divorce

§ Merged family

§  Retirement


You’ve been marching along in your life, successfully doing what you’ve been doing in the way you’ve always done it, and everything seems fine. Then suddenly, what worked before no longer brings the desired results. Why? Because your environment has changed.


Environment + Interpretation = Behavior 


Behaviors, and therefore outcomes, are the result of how we interpret our environment. And when the environment changes, we usually bring the same behaviors to the new problem as worked to solve the old one. The result? Frustration, feeling lost, stress, afraid. More than one empty nester has been heard to say, “I had no idea this was going to hit me so hard.” And no wonder - everything they’re trying has been based on interpretations of a world that just doesn’t exist anymore. 

New environments require new behaviors to be successful. And since we often don’t have control of WHAT we’re experiencing, we have to address HOW we’re experiencing it. 

Successful Transition Requires Exploring
New Interpretations 


Applying old interpretations to new environments leads to resistance, confusion and feeling stuck. Challenging those old rules and interpretations, and developing new interpretations based on the new reality leads to effective behaviors with positive outcomes.


When Facilitated Properly, Transition Is The
Fuel For Growth And New Opportunities



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