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So, what do you want out of life?


* Perhaps more balance among your various responsibilities?

* Time for yourself despite all the “have to’s” in your life?

* A more fulfilling life, consistent with your values?

* A life of passion, with a sense of purpose?

* The ability to deal with a recent loss, to find the perspective from which to move forward?

* A new job, or an entirely new career? 

A life coaching relationship with Green Side Up Coaching is the perfect place to address these questions, and many more.  So, why do we call it life coaching?  Because we address your whole life.  No matter what the situation is that brings you to coaching, it’s likely that the consequences spill over into other areas. We all try to compartmentalize our lives: home life vs. work life is the most obvious distinction.  But how often have you had a problem at work spill over into your home life (kick the cat)?  And if things aren’t going well at home, you’ll likely be distracted at work.  Well the same thing goes for behaviors that don’t serve you.  You may think you’re only “that way” at work, but the truth is you probably play the same role at home.


So, what’s the difference between coaching and therapy or mentoring?  Click here to see a comparison.  The simple explanation is that therapy looks to the past for explanations and coaching looks to the future for opportunities.  As your coach, I will create that safe space where you can say, “This might sound crazy, but I’ve always wanted to …”  Where you can dig deep to discover your values and passions.  Where you can build action plans to take you where you want to go.  With no judgment, but lots of support.


Ready for a change?  Find out what's possible with a coaching relationship with Green Side Up Coaching. Take the first step by contacting John for a complimentary sample session.

“John's the type of coach who listens, challenges and is very easy to confide in. John allowed me to see problems or issues I had from a different perspective, and helped me find time for myself. If you find yourself trapped in your job or have personal issues you're not sure how to deal with, a Life Coach can provide you with the insight you need to move forward.”

~ Bob, National Aeronautics and Space Administration