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Green Side Up Coaching offers Relationship Coaching for those situations in your life involving more than just yourself.  Your life is defined by your relationships.  In fact, you are in relationship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With a Significant Other.  Parents.  Children.  Siblings.  Bosses. Peers.  Friends.  Business partners.  Work groups.  And you can bring any of these relationships into coaching.
So, how does it work?  First, all participants in the relationship are coached together.  For couples, that means both members participate in each coaching session.  But here's the twist - the client is the relationship!   So while the needs of each individual are solicited and considered, it is the need of the relationship which takes priority.  Your coach assumes you've chosen to be in this relationship, and have come to coaching to address a situation within that relationship.  Perhaps the relationship is stuck.  Or you want to take it to the next level.  Or there's been a breach of trust.  Or conflict has increased recently.
Bringing your relationship to Green Side Up Coaching is the first step on a powerful journey of discovery and re-discovery.  When conflct arises, we usually step out of the relationship and consider only our needs as individuals. However, real growth and change can't take place from the outside.  With your coach, you will step back into the relationship to access its wisdom.  What is trying to happen? What is at stake?  What is the cost of not addressing the problem?  Which behaviors support the relationship, and which do not?
Could your relationship stand a little attention? Then contact John for a complimentary sample coaching session and begin creating a powerful, intentional and fulfilling relationship.
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