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80 million Baby Boomers. 80 million! And theyíre all approaching traditional retirement age. As a group, they're younger, healthier, wealthier, better educated, and more purpose-driven than past generations. Imagine the impact they could have on our communities and the world if they "graduated" from the school of life to a purpose-driven retirement. Just imagine!
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So, are you a Boomer? Not ready to "retire" in the traditional sense?  Yet not sure whatís next?  So donít become a retiree.  Become a GRADUATE instead.  Graduate to a life of passion, a life consistent with your values.  That's what John did!  A coaching relationship with Green Side Up Coaching can help you discover your values and access your passion.
Ready to get started?  Then contact John for a complimentary sample coaching session and begin creating a magical retirement thatís as unique as you are.
Green Side Up Coaching retirement workshops provide the "missing link" to your employees' retirement planning.  Our half-day and full-day workshops address the "what" of retirement life, not the "how".  We assume that someone else is addressing the employee's financial needs in retirement.  Our workshops are focused on ensuring that each employee approaches retirement with a clear vision of who they are and what they want in this exciting phase of their life.
Please contact John for a personal quote for your company.  Green Side Up Coaching workshops can be integrated into your existing retirement planning program or conducted as stand-alone events.
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