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      All information shared during a session is kept strictly confidential.

      Most life coaching takes place over the phone.  Business coaching can be designed for the appropriate mix of face-to-face and phone sessions, according to the desires of the client and logistics.  Where geographically possible, I prefer to do the first coaching session in person, but this isnt a necessity.

     Some clients find it hard to believe that coaching can be effective over the phone. The best way to experience this is to arrange a complimentary sample session. Most reputable coaches offer this service, and clients should avail themselves of this offer before committing to a coach.


Complimentary Sample Session (no strings attached)


        To get a better understanding of coaching, and determine if its right for you, Green Side Up Coaching offers a complimentary 30-minute sample session over the phone.

        You can bring anything to this session: a situation in your life, a need for more balance, a career choice, etc. Or we can explore where you are in your life, what youd like more or less of.

     Whatever the topic, youll walk away knowing youve been heard. You may even gain a new perspective on your current situation, or an action to help move you forward!


Contact John for your complimentary sample coaching session


Weekly Coaching Sessions

      We'll "meet" weekly for 45 to 60-minute sessions. The initial commitment is for 3 months, after which our agreement will be month-to-month.

        During our initial sessions, we'll design our alliance and answer any questions you may have.  Well discuss where you are today, and clearly identify the motivating purpose that has brought you to coaching.  Well also begin the process of identifying what shifts youd like to see in your life.

      Since these initial sessions will set the foundation for our relationship, well talk logistics (schedule, payment, etc), discuss how youd like your coach to be (design the coach), and introduce some coaching tools and terminology so youll know what to expect (educate the client).

     You bring the agenda to each session.  During the call, Ill ask questions, well explore different perspectives, and Ill hold you accountable for your commitments.

     Although well deal with current situations and issues in your life, Ill ensure that we dont lose sight of the bigger picture: the changes you seek in your life.

      Since much of the learning in coaching comes from the introspection and action taken between sessions, I may give you a powerful question to ponder, or request that you take a specific action before your next session.  These assignments serve to deepen your learning and keep you in action.



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