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At  Green Side Up Coaching,we believe that any transition, whether perceived as “good” or “bad”, presents an opportunity for powerful change.


We believe that the true power of the workplace lies in merging a clear organizational vision with the diverse perspectives, experience, values and talents of all individuals. We believe that the workplace hums when people find fulfillment in their work, and know their voice is heard. We believe that this change, whether individual or organizational, can only be facilitated through a clear understanding of purpose, values and vision.  We believe that when our clients break through their norms and limiting beliefs, space opens for new possibilities and efficiencies to emerge. 

Available Business Services

·  Transition Management

·  Executive Coaching

·  Emerging Leader Development and Coaching

·  Retirement Workshops

·  Team Building

·  Organizational Retreats

·  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)

      Assessment and Workshops

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“Thank you so much for the excellent program, Retirement: It’s Not Just About the Money, you presented here at NASA HQ. What an enlightening session! And delivered with such enthusiasm and passion. From the feedback, it was obvious that your presentation was extremely well received by the participants. I’m sure they would have sat though another few hours! Again, many thanks!”


~ Evelin, WorkLife Manager, NASA HQ  




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