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Green Side Up Coaching brings innovative approaches to facilitating business transitions. We offer a full range of business transition services, while focusing our efforts on tailoring our services to the needs of each particular customer. We are committed to providing learning experiences that are appropriately challenging to the learner as well as relevant to the learner’s everyday situation in the workplace.

What We Know

Transitions thrust individuals and organizations into situations for which they are often ill prepared. While business seeks stability, transition is a constant companion:

§  New employees

§  Departing employees

§  Retiring employees

§  Promotions

§  Reorganizations

§ New business models

§  New product lines

§  Mergers and buyouts


Workgroups and individual employees have been marching along, successfully doing what they’ve been doing in the way they were trained to do it, and with the results to prove it. Then suddenly, what worked before no longer brings the desired results. Why? Because the environment has changed.

Environment + Interpretation = Behavior

Behaviors, and therefore outcomes, are the result of how we interpret our environment. And when the environment changes, we usually bring the same behaviors to the new problem as worked to solve the old one. The result? Frustration, drop in production, stress, low morale. More than one new supervisor has been heard to say, “I used to be smart before I got this promotion.” And no wonder: their behaviors have been based on interpretations of a world that just doesn’t exist anymore.

New environments require new behaviors to be successful. And since we often don’t have control of WHAT we’re experiencing, we have to address HOW we’re experiencing it.

Successful Transition Requires Exploring

New Interpretations

Applying old interpretations to new environments leads to resistance, confusion and inefficiency. Challenging those old rules and interpretations, and developing new interpretations based on the new definition of success leads to effective behaviors with positive outcomes.


When Facilitated Properly, Transition Is The
Fuel For Growth And New Opportunities



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