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In its simplest form, thereís a training process that every leader, manager or supervisor attends that satisfies the requirement for transition training:



At best, this process is augmented by an assessment tool, which provides the leader with insight into his/her behaviors (learning), but no real tools for implementing it:
The Green Side Up model adds follow-up coaching to integrate the learning in the context of the leaderís specific behaviors and work environment. This sustains the learning by allowing the leader to modify key behaviors that stand in the way of reaching her/his potential:
The beauty of this approach is that it can be integrated into your existing supervisory, management or leadership training program. Whatever the training process or assessment tool,Green Side Up Coaching can deepen and sustain the learning for the participant with an individually designed follow-up coaching program. At very little cost to you, the impact of your training, as evidenced by sustained behavioral change, will double or triple. And with limited time and money available for training, your training dollars will go farther than ever before.
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